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Case Study

  • The client in this case study is an investigative agency with offices across the West and Mid-West. Their website has secure client ordering and report delivery which was built by DataForce. This site also includes an employee section, for use primarily by their investigators in the field.
  • One of the requirements was to be able to input timesheets and upload dictation and video files. The timesheet entry required some fairly complex data entry validation and some extensive look ups for billing codes and activity types. Some timesheet entries trigger an automatic FTP upload of accompanying video or dictation files.
  • The extensive look ups and functionality precluded building the page with client side Javascript . Using separate HTML page calls for look ups was not a very workable or elegant option. An embedded Active X plug in was created to provide the functionality that was needed.
  • The next issue was how to provide a secure database connection. A direct TCP/IP database connection over the internet was obviously out of the question.
  • We used a thin client component as the transport medium between the ActiveX plug in and the central server. This allowed us to build an indirect tiered connection to the database, while at the same time allowing fast real time access. Further it allowed us to add proprietary encryption of all data streams between the web browser and the server within an SSL secured environment. Importantly this also cooperates well with the firewalls.
  • At the server end we created a routing application that automatically forwards the dictation files to typing agencies, picks up the completed dictation, and tracks progress with alerts when a file is overdue.
  • The final application takes the completed dictation and packages it into letterhead, and notifies the case supervisor that it is completed.
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