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Batch Manager

- - Batch Manager is an advanced MRP system designed to ensure sophistication and robust functionality, while also providing an optimal amount of flexibility to meet the needs of both discrete and process manufacturers. The system offers a perfect solution for companies struggling to find a balance between traditional manufacturing and lean manufacturing principles.
  Overview of System Features
  • Where-used functionality enables rapid access to all finished goods utilizing a specific component material.

  • Formulations and bills-of-materials are easily duplicated and updated. Multiple versions of the original formulation/bill are numerically controlled.

  • Automatic "yield" calculation for raw material utilization based upon BOM and routing yields. Inquiry screens enable tracking of production runs through the production recording process.

  • Lot and serial numbers are tracked from the raw material stage through shipment of finished goods.

  • Inquiry screens provide the ability to trace shipped product back to specific finished good product lot/serial numbers, and further back to the specific raw material numbers used to manufacture each finished product.

  • From the daily schedule, users can quickly access information such as on-hand orders.

  • Interested in learning more? Contact Dataforce’s corporate office to speak with a sales representative at 818-546-1594.



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