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Legacy Support

- - Older technology versus the newest technology.

Newer technology is automatically superior to the old. We must replace an older device with the latest and greatest.

An older system continues to be used because it still works.
Recall the common saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
How many times have we said to ourselves, "Geez, if only I had my old one back... it used to work just fine?"
This may apply to the program or system that you use everyday.
Why go through the expense of replacement and the headaches of learning a new system when the one you are using works just fine. All it needs is the occasional tweak and some routine maintenance.
Among the technologies that Dataforce Software supports are Delphi based programs and Interbase/Firebird databases.

database image1  

Delphi - - Borland's Delphi (now Embarcadero) has an extremely loyal following. This is strongly reflected in the number of Web sites devoted to it.
You continue to use your Delphi based system or application because it functions for your needs.



Interbase/ Firebird - - The Interbase database and it's open-source cousin, Firebird, have been in use for many years and they remain vital database technologies. Dataforce Software has extensive experience in the deployment and maintenance of the these database systems.


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