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- - I have been blessed with work that I enjoy and clients who (to date!) have been genuinely appreciative.
Within my own world and family all goes well. At some point however, one cannot help looking out beyond one's own picket fence at the world beyond. It seems like the country is slowly going from bad to worse. We get bombarded every day with news of unemployment, drug abuse, crimes and neglect. Even if one wanted to do something, then how? How does one help solve drug addiction? Or criminals who seem to continually return back to jail, or education standards that are slowly eroding. How does one effect world peace? So lacking any adequate response, one shuts it all out and tries to live one's life as the world falls slowly apart and gradually become hardened to what happens to those at a distance, and then those who are closer to us and finally our family.

But with research one can find people and programs that are making a difference in the world -- a little bit every day. And supporting those groups with your time or funds makes a difference. I chose programs that I felt a particular passion for and that I think are making a positive difference on some of the toughest issues and in some very tough places in the world. They are presented here with a short introduction from me on why I felt compelled to support them. I invite you to do your own research and find programs that get you excited. Make a difference and may it change your life.

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